Each Enagic machine has a commission point value.  The number represents the multiplier of the commission amount for that machine.  When you start in your 1A lane, and sell a Kangen 8 for $4,980, you would earn 1 x $340.00 per sale.

After 2 sales you can open your 2A lane, so you would multiply $340.00 x 2 = $680.  The 3A lane would equal $1,020.00 for a Kangen 8, and so on until you move up to earn all 8 points or $2720.00 per sale!   The larger your team builds, the faster you move up and the more you get paid per machine.  Even more exciting..... there is literally NO CAP on your income potential.

Even though Enagic is a direct sales company, the compensation pays down 8 levels of indirect overrides as you build a sales team under you.  This allows you to leverage your income!  

8 levels of Indirect Overrides creates massive Leverage!

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