Inside of your business, there are things we can absolutely control…

But results from your business are something out of our control like who responds, who subscribes, who decides to pull the trigger, upgrade, buy, engage, enroll, optin, like your page, etc)

The main point here is you might be focusing on the things you CAN’T control instead of the things you CAN.

CONTROL whatever traffic/marketing strategy you are working on by doing it every single day. You can control posting, engaging, running an ad, creating a video, emailing your list, doing the things necessary to continue your process to build your business. You must operate at a steady pace no matter what is happening inside your business.

There is no sense in worrying about WHY someone doesn’t click your ad, subscribe to your channel, or optin to your capture page.  Instead, keep your focus on what you CAN control and the more you do, the more successful your business will be.

My name is Lynne Faulkner and I’ve been online since 2000. I enjoy sharing ideas, training and support for those that want to work from home.

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