Did you check out part 1 in our 4-part series entitled, “how making money online REALLY works?”  If so, you now understand what it means to give value as the first step towards making money.  Today we move on to STEP 2 in the process of making money, which I like to call the “friends” list.  Let’s recap the 4 things you need in order to make money online.

  1. A Quality Value Exchange Between You And Those You Want To Serve
  2. A Growing List Of People You’ve helped From Step 1 Above – TODAY’S TOPIC
  3. A System For Building Relationships & Authority With The List
  4. Make The RIGHT offer at the RIGHT Time Unapologetically


Your first and most important objective online, if you ever want to make money, is to move from being a stranger to being “trusted,” then on to being a “friend.”  If you never make it to the realm of a friend that’s fine; that’s the ultimate way to maximize your results.  However, you can do everything you need to do to make money online at the level of being trusted.

In our everyday life, we have given our trust to both friends and non-friends.  Take for instance your primary care physician.  Can you really say that’s your friend or just someone you trust?  The real question is, how did they earn your trust WITHOUT developing into a friend?  There are 3 possible ways this happened:

  1. Their marketing convinced you to trust them
  2. Their credentials convinced you to trust them
  3. Their results convinced you to trust them

Once you conclude this training you’ll be given the secrets to using marketing, credentials, and results to earn trust.  Once you have that, never do anything to break that trust.  More on that in part 3.


I can remember one time being panicked because I couldn’t figure out how to create a Youtube Thumbnail so my video would be more professional.  So I jumped onto Youtube and typed in “How To Create A Youtube Thumbnail”.  I found a guy in a 3-minute video showing me how to do it for free online.  His marketing (of a solution to my problem) is what convinced me to trust him.  I immediately subscribed to his channel and liked his video.

But here’s where it gets good – he invited me to download a list of “19 ways to get more views and get discovered on YouTube”, and I jumped all over it.  He added me to his “friends” list.  I use the word “friend” very loosely here, but the focus is on the fact that he’s no longer a stranger because he demonstrated perfectly what we talked about in part 1, the value exchange.

This guy understood that a lot of people needed help marketing via Youtube (“broken” item), so his video was a demonstration that he had the “fix.”  He was skilled enough to immediately direct me to a place where he could continue building trust, which is why I ended up on his “friends” list.


Your second and most important objective online after building trust is to build a list of those whose trust you have earned.  If you can appreciate that my problem with learning how to create Youtube Thumbnails wasn’t the ONLY problem I would have, then you understand the value of building a “friends” list.  Other things that may be “broken” that he could fix (via email) could be:

– How to get more subscribers to your channel
– How to create a professional Intro
– How to create an Effective Youtube  Video


In Part 3 we’ll discuss how to build a relationship and authority with the list, and why that is the final step before getting paid.  Before I go I want to address something I’ve heard since I began marketing online.  You’ll hear every online guru utter the following line when referencing building your email list:

“The money is in the list.”  In other words, if you can successfully build a strong, thriving list of people who are on that list because you fixed something that was broken, and you made offers to them, you’ll get sales and therefore make money.

This is partially true, and here’s why.  It’s not the sheer accumulation of a list that leads to money.  It’s building an AUDIENCE from the list that is the essence of what they are trying to say.


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