In our ever-increasing need to survive the current economic crises, we’ve found a solution by participating in the Cryptocurrency Boom!  More and more people are drawn to Network Marketing, but the truth of the matter is: 90% of the people that join a home based business will fail.   And the reason for that failure is the average networker can only enroll 1 – 3 people in a lifetime.  The definition of Multilevel Marketing is “getting paid on Multiple Levels of people that enroll in your business”, but if you can’t get anyone to join, there are no levels to be paid on.

The number 1 reason people can’t enroll others is due to the lack of a duplicatable system whereby someone could follow the success of others and duplicate that same success for themselves.  An important thing to remember when joining a business is to ask important questions of the person that wants to enroll you. Questions like:

1)  What kind of a system do you have for duplication?
2)  What kind of support do you offer your team?
3)  Are you available for 3 way calls and if not, is there someone above you that is?
4)  Do you have a team training site and/or training calls available?

If you DO NOT get GREAT answers for these simple questions, then don’t join with that person.  The company might be sound, but the person or team you are considering joining might not be the right choice for you.  Most people don’t join companies, they join people.  And everyone is looking for a place that will make them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.  When I look for a company, I’m really looking for the team that offers the best support and training and gives me something of value to offer my referrals.  I’m also looking for people that are more knowledgable than I am, with better or different skill sets that I can learn from.  If I can’t learn and grow from my sponsor or team they are connected with, there is no point in going forward.  Marketing is an ever changing journey, and if you can’t keep up with the current trends you’ll be left behind.  So CHOOSE wisely with whom you decide to team up with.

The WORST business decision you can make is to sign up with the first person who told you about an opportunity, just because you have some “misguided loyalty” to the first exposure.  That’s ludicrous.  You are starting a business.  You should research and interview and make an educated decision about the person and/or team you are going into business with.  YOU GET TO DECIDE.  This is your business and you need to make a business decision about what is best for YOU and your family.  If you don’t look out for you…. Believe me… no one else will.  Your enroller is NOT PAYING YOUR BILLS.  So you must look out for yourself first and foremost.

If the person that told you about the opportunity FIRST – fails to answer your questions to your satisfaction, (and I don’t care if you are best friends) then keep looking.  If they are not offering the BEST CASE SCENARIO that will give you the best chance at success then you have the right to say NO.  If the company offer is compelling, then research until you find the right team and the right place for you within that company structure.  There is a time and a place for LOYALTY, but it’s certainly NOT when you are deciding on starting a business.

Just this one decision could change the statistics of those that fail at MLM.  With the right team and the right training, along with access to a duplicatable system… anyone CAN be successful at Multilevel Marketing.

I found that EXACT formula when I went looking for my new business.  I researched and interviewed and did my due diligence until I found the exact mentors and team to be part of.  When the team is so dynamic that you will be better just for joining, it almost doesn’t matter what company the team has attached itself to.  The knowledge you can learn from a “mastermind” group can help you build any business in the future.

So the bottom line is this…. If you’re looking for a place where you can learn and share with other like minded Entrepreneurs, or you’re not happy with your current “team”, then I encourage you to watch the following presentation.  Our team can and will make you a better marketer and help you on your path to success!  And I will personally be there to help you on your journey.

Watch the video to see what I’m talking about

See you on the other side!


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