Lynne Faulkner


Before you purchase, please contact me so I can walk you through the best way to order, save money and get free product when you experience ASEA.  

Go to my ASEA site

Quick instructions:  Click “Join Here” and click Enroll as an ASEA Associate for 40.00. (Welcome Kit).  This will save you money, earn you loyalty rewards (toward free product) along with the ability to share with others.  Believe me....when you start
to feel what this does you’ll want to share.

Pick a package:  There are 12 different packages to choose from when you first Enroll.  Below is the pack I started with for $200.00 (4 bottles for 1 person, 2 tubes of Renu 28 Gel and 6 samples).  But there is a huge value in the $500 pack if you want more for family members.  I ended up buying more for my husband and could have saved money with a bigger pack.  These
packs are only available at enrollment.

Next choose an autoship:  1 case of ASEA qualifies you to earn the loyalty rewards every month with 100 PV.  When using your Loyalty Rewards, they equal more than 1 point per  dollar (Example: 100 points = 1 case for $130).  You’ll have 30 days to change or delete the autoship – but set it up at signup to earn the loyalty rewards.

If you share this with anyone you’ll need to be on autoship.  I chose the $130.00 case of ASEA as my autoship.

Get back to me:   I'll be happy to walk you through your first order and answer any questions you have.  There is a
30-day money back guarantee with ASEA!

Lynne (509) 860-1052