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For 5 years I've been suffering with skin rashes and last year it affected my energy levels. The rashes have been all over my body but traveled to my neck and face in April. A naturopath tested me and found a tick borne illness. It got into my circulatory system and manifested into this rash then circulated all over my body. I started taking redox molecules on a Thursday evening and by Sunday I could see a difference in the rash. It was breaking up. It's not entirely disappeared, but I'm sure my tick borne illness is not yet out of my system, however, the ASEA keeps it at bay!  Nina N.

I've been taking Redox Signaling Molecules since Jan 2016. Many of my "blood test" results have come down to acceptable levels, much to the amazement of my doctors who were insisting on medications. I also had various issues with obesity and cholesterol that have resolved. I noticed significant improvement in my mood and joint discomfort and I can sleep on my shoulder for the first time in ages! Joe C

In March 2017 a PET scan revealed a huge lymph node that was swollen to the size of an egg with abnormal cells. They couldn’t do chemotherapy as it could shut down my renal system; nor could I have radiation or surgery.  I drank the Redox molecules from April until June 1st and then had a repeat PET scan. My oncologist asked me to sit.  He said in his 33 years of Oncology he had never seen anything like this.  My body was completely free of the condition and I have no abnormal cells left in my body.

I just had my annual physical. My doctor was so surprised, she not only congratulated me, she told me she was PROUD of me.  I've been on ASEA for 6 months. My elevated triglycerides are now NORMAL, my elevated liver enzymes are now NORMAL, my high blood pressure is now NORMAL (126/78) after being borderline for medical intervention, I am 27 lbs lighter, and my lungs are clear (I have a history of COPD, asthma and a lung nodule). The lung nodule is GONE and I'm off COPD meds. Carol J.

I have a debilitating lung condition contracted during years of carting a building product (no longer being used). It's been a struggle just to stay alive. Then I was introduced to Redox Molecules and I used a nebulizer to deliver the molecules directly to my lung tissue for about 30 minutes. I also drank the liquid and rubbed the gel on my chest. Within 30 minutes I experienced a remarkable improvement in both my lung capacity and level of oxygen absorption. Previously, I was unable to fully inflate my lungs. After Redox, I could fill my lungs to capacity and breath smoothly. Vern F.

In Jan. 2018 I had a Stress Test. I had two heart attacks and a triple bypass surgery several years before. There were 5 people there for Stress Tests, ranging from late 40s to mid 60s, except me. I'm 82!  I was the only one physically able to do the Treadmill Stress Test. The others had to do the chemical test. My daily Redox routine is 4 oz am & 4 oz pm. The tech told me I performed better than most 40 to 50 year olds. My endurance was extremely good and with no adverse effects from the test. I was told I would probably be sore the next day, but that didn’t happen!  Love Redox!  Barney B.

The Redox Molecules clearly reduced the lines and wrinkles in my face and neck! Thank you for an amazing product that has me feeling better and looking younger and I'm so excited about my results!

Pictured are some of the braces I had to wear to do ANYTHING physical! Playing sports most of my life I sustained lots of injuries, underwent many operations, have metal plates in various parts of my body, and lived with chronic back pain for over 35 yrs!  For the last 4 yrs I've not only seen miracles, I've experienced them too.  NO anti-inflammatories - NO antihistamines - NO need of CPAP machine - NO more reading glasses - NO heartburn medication - NO blood pressure medication - NO meds for chronic back pain - NO more weekly chiropractor visits - NO more osteopath visits - NO more expensive skin treatments -  NO eye patches from severe allergies - NO more hair falling out - NO more sun damage on my skin - AND...NO more sitting on the side lines watching everyone else have fun!   Tom C.

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What happens when we move towards health?   The body can finally begin to make long-overdue repairs and eliminate accumulated waste. As we make healthier choices, our bodies begin to heal and detoxify.

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